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M. Hasan Ubaidillah


Waqf  is part of Islamic economics system development that really potential as one of instrument to empowering economy of Islamic people. waqf  can  include as  jariyah's charitable  wichs is the reward never hangs up, although someone who gives waqf  passed away. To the effect main investment waqf fund  is subject to be optimize asset waqf function as medium to increase life quality and human's resource life. One of kind waqf is cash waqf. Cash waqf as smooth asset. The management cash waqf that professional shall, transparent and gets responsibility. Reliable institutes and criterion pock to bring off cash waqf is Syari's financial institutions . With involve Syariah's financial institution in waqf's management cash, therefore besides productive, waqf will can be invested to various investment type that advantages. Cash waqf constitutes one of sector element voluntary  one that strongest deep Islamic.  Cash waqf also give model mutual fund  via mobilization lents fund tilled immortal through professionalism daring that trust in fund management -the. Forwards, waqf as one of voluntary fund  in Islam will can become owner Islam trust, which is most composes fair society.


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Ubaidillah, M. Hasan. “MANFAAT WAKAF TUNAI DALAM PEMBANGUNAN EKONOMI UMMAT”. El-Qist: Journal of Islamic Economics and Business (JIEB) 2, no. 2 (October 25, 2012): 311–336. Accessed January 29, 2023.
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M. Hasan Ubaidillah, UIN Sunan Ampel

Dosen Prodi Ekonomi Syariah Fakultas Syariah IAIN Sunan Ampel