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  • Management of Zakat and Waqf Journal (MAZAWA)

    Management of Zakat and Waqf Journal (MAZAWA) is a multi-disciplinary publication dedicated to the study of Islamic philanthropy. Special attention is given to works related to zakat management, waqf asset management and zakat-waqf studies that are in line with global economic developments. This journal seeks to place Islamic philanthropy as a model of Islamic finance that can answer global challenges, references the problems of the Islamic economy of Muslim societies in a global context, encourages interdisciplinary studies of the world of Islamic economics that are cross-sectoral in nature, promotes managerial illustrations and encourages the academic community to find a framework scientific conceptual logical, creative and innovative.

    This journal was successfully accredited in December 2021 according to the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia Number 164/E/KPT/2021. This journal has also become a member of crossref.org. therefore, each article has a unique DOI number.

  • Jurnal Manajemen dan Inovasi (MANOVA)

    Jurnal Manajemen dan Inovasi (MANOVA) diterbitkan secara berkala dua kali dalam satu tahun, yakni bulan Januari (batas pengiriman naskah pada bulan oktober) dan bulan Juli (batas pengiriman naskah bulan april).

    Fokus tema dan topik jurnal ini adalah ; Manajemen Pemasaran, Manajemen Keuangan, Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia, Manajemen Strategik, Manajemen Operasional, dan Manajemen Rantai Pasokan

    Naskah yang tidak sesuai dengan template panduan dan fokus tema diatas otomatis akan ditolak

    MANOVA telah terakreditasi Sinta 4 oleh Kementerian Pendidikan Kebudayaan, Riset, dan Teknologi Republik Indonesia (SK Direktorat Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi, Riset dan Teknologi Nomor. 158/E/KPT/2021) terhitung mulai volume 2 nomor 2 tahun 2019 hingga volume 7 nomor 1 tahun 2024.

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  • OECONOMICUS Journal of Economics

    Journal title OECONOMICUS Journal of Economics
    Initials OECONOMICUS
    Abbreviation Oeconomicus. J. Econ.
    Frequency 2 issues per year (June & December)
    DOI prefix 10.15642/oje by Crossref
    Print ISSN 2548-6004 (printed), 2715-4882 (online)
    Editor-in-chief Akhmad Yunan Athoillah
    Managing Editor Betty Sifia Ayu Utami
    Publisher Prodi Ilmu Ekonomi Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam
    Citation Analysis GARUDA | SINTA | Google Scholar
    Subject Area; Category Economics, Econometrics and Finance
    Discipline Social Sciences, Economic theory, Economics Science

  • Akuntansi : Jurnal Akuntansi Integratif

    Jurnal Akuntansi Integratif (JAI) is published by Accountancy Department at Islamic Economic and Business Faculty UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya in accordance with Certificate of Dean NO: Un.08 /1/ PP.00.9/SK/05/IX/ 2015. This journal is published twice a year, regularly in April and October. The first publication in 2015, JAI had published once in April 2015 and then JAI stagnated. The next publication was in April 2019. The existence of JAI is used as a forum of Indonesian Accounting studies, supporting focused studies of certain themes and studies of interdisciplinary in relation to the subject. It thus becomes a medium of brainstorming ideas and research findings from various learning traditions that have interacted scientifically.

  • El-Qist: Journal of Islamic Economics and Business (JIEB)

    Journal Information

    Original title  : El-Qist: Journal of Islamic Economics and Business
    English title  : El-Qist: Journal of Islamic Economics and Business
    Short title  : El-Qist
    Abbreviation  : JIEB
    Frequency  : 2 issues per year (April and October)
    Number of articles per issue  : 7 research articles or reviews for April issue, and 6 for October
    DOI  : 10.15642/elqist
    ISSN  : 2252-7907 (Printed); 2716-0335 (Online)
    Editor-in-Chief  : Achmad Room Fitrianto
    Executive Editor  :

    Bakhrul Huda

    Citation Analysis  :

    SintaGoogle Scholar, MorarefGaruda

    Subject Area  : Economics, Econometrics, and Finance
    Category   : Islamic Economics, Econometrics, and Finance Studies
    Discipline  : Local Wisdom and Customs of Muamalah Maliyah;
    Islamic Economics: Micro and Macro;
    Islamic Economic Thought and History;
    Islamic Business Ethics;
    Sharia Banks and Non-Bank Sharia Financial Institutions;
    Sharia Accounting;
    Fiqh Muamalah/Islamic Economic Law;
    Fiqh and Management of ZISWAF;
    Halal Industry;
    Any Others Related to Islamic Economics Field.

    The El-Qist: Journal of Islamic Economics and Business (JIEB) is an open-access journal and a peer-reviewed journal published by the Department of Islamic Economics, Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business, Sunan Ampel State Islamic University, Surabaya Indonesia. The language used in English.

    El-Qist: Journal of Islamic Economics and Business (JIEB). With the spirit of further proliferation of knowledge on Islamic Economics in Indonesia and others to the wider communities, this website provides journal articles for free download. Our academic journal is a source of reference both from Islamic Economics academics and Islamic Economics practitioners.

    We also invite you for free, as a Researcher, Academics, and Expert to submit the research result manuscript to the El-Qist: Journal of Islamic Economics and Business (JIEB). El-Qist is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of quality results in the field of Islamic economics.

    The journal has been accredited as a scientific journal (SINTA 4) by the Ministry of Research and Technology/National Agency for Research and Innovation, Republic of Indonesia (SK Kemenristekdikti No. 200/M/KPT/2020). The el-Qist journal accreditation certificate can be downloaded here.