About the Journal

Jurnal Akuntansi Integratif (JAI) is published by Accountancy Department at Islamic Economic and Business Faculty UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya in accordance with Certificate of Dean NO: Un.08 /1/ PP.00.9/SK/05/IX/ 2015. This journal is published twice a year, regularly in April and October. The first publication in 2015, JAI had published once in April 2015 and then JAI stagnated. The next publication was in April 2019. The existence of JAI is used as a forum of Indonesian Accounting studies, supporting focused studies of certain themes and studies of interdisciplinary in relation to the subject. It thus becomes a medium of brainstorming ideas and research findings from various learning traditions that have interacted scientifically.

The purpose of this journal is to publish either the result of research or the idea of accounting that are relevant for the development of accounting theory and practice in Indonesia. Consistent with its purpose, it is hoped that the published journals would give broad topics, and the topics would be interesting to academics, practitioners, regulatory researchers, students, and other parties interested in the development of accounting theory and practice in Indonesia.

JAI's focus relates to various themes and topics related to various aspects of accounting, as follows:

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Management Accounting
  3. Islamic Accounting
  4. Public sector accounting
  5. Behavioral Accounting (Including Ethics and Professionalism)
  6. Capital Market and Investment
  7. Auditing
  8. Taxation
  9. Accounting Education
  10. Accounting and Management Information Systems
  11. Accounting Research with Non-Positive Paradigm Approach

We invite all relevant parties to contribute to publishing scientific articles that have never been published before. For online submission, please visit the following link Click Here and for more information, you can contact us at jai@uinsby.ac.id 

ISSN (Print)    : 2502-5376

ISSN (online)  : 2715-0658